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When a good idea turns out bad!

Korea is one of the top countries recycling garbage effectively. People can throw from plastic to paper at the categorized recycling bins for free, while they have to pay for the garbage which cannot be recycled such as food and other rubbish.

Among the recycled paper, milk pack is high quality and expensive. So, regional government, Tetra pack, YWCA, and retailer team up to set up the milk pack recycling kiosk. The kiosk rewards carbon points to customers recycling the packs.

However, always difficult to continue a good idea in reality. It is now covered by dust and is not visible much due to empty boxes even though it locates on the right end right the big supermarket main gateway.

It was good starting with the main stack holders in the industry. However, the problem is who is taking care of and how it is being executed.

Good idea and work have to be kept on monitoring, so it can continue. How?

1) Put a monitoring plan and budget up-front though it can start with a smaller size of scale.

2) Ask and get help from local folks finding their turn needs.

3) Make a reward reflecting opportunity cost.

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