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[People Insight] Do S.Korean want reunification with N.Korea?

Ask opinions to S. Korea citizens why and why not for reunification.


1) It is the mission of our generation. 2) It would give economic benefits. 3) People from N.Korea can visit and travel their hometown.


1) It is going to be extremely difficult to get a job

2) Our government would increase the tax to support N.Korea.

3) There is no reason to be reunified. Here is a stat from 1,000 S.Korean citizens.

‘Do South Koreans Want Reunification With North Korea?’

2012. 64.8%

2014. 57.4%

2016. 50.6%

2018. 52.9%

Cultural context:

1) Young people don’t feel reunification. They don’t see a reason why we have to reunify. a couple of other reasons are following. They may have higher competition in getting a job. And, they may have higher taxation from the government.

2) People tend to talk more moderate when they talk in front of the camera. hashtag#Southkorea, hashtag#northkorea, hashtag#reunification, hashtag#interviews, hashtag#opinions

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